Sasha Maslowski

Sasha Maslowski




About Coach

I grew up in Northern Colorado, playing ice hockey, soccer, and running cross country with my two sisters. I was first introduced to CrossFit back in 2012 by my parents and used it to supplement my training for my other sports! I completed a half marathon in 2021, and my next goals are running a full marathon and eventually an ultra marathon! When I’m not at the gym, I’m probably spending time in the mountains, camping, skiing or hiking. My favorite CrossFit movement is the GHD sit up. I love the challenge and how effective it is!

Turning Point

I lived outside of Dallas, TX for 2 years in high school. Moving into high school is tough and my local CrossFit gym was where I found a community and a place to call home away from home! It was there that I set the goal of one day becoming a CrossFit coach!

Motivation & Passion

I am passionate about the CrossFit methodology and I think everyone’s life gets a little bit better every time they step into a class. I’m motivated by the relationships that are built in our gym. Whether it’s helping someone with their Olympic lifting technique or just talking about the weekend, I’m happy to be there!

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