Peter Gent

Peter Gent

Coach and DJ

Fastest Marathon 3:15:15

Fastest Half Marathon 1:28

Murph Time 43:40

Nancy - 11:59


200 Hour Yoga Certification - 2019

Crossfit L1 - 2021

About Coach

Originally from Omaha, NE been in Colorado for the last 12 years. I am a typical Colorado guy without the beard. I have a soft spot in my heart for dogs, the small curmudgeonly old ones are my favorite. I love to cook, but won't follow a recipe if I can help it. I will boldly say that I have the most articles of clothing with cats on them in the whole gym (open invite to be challenged). I used to be a dj back in the day, when dj's played on vinyl records. Now my performances are private events for the cats, I'm their favorite meowsician.

Turning Point

I got into fitness when I was 21 years old and weighed 180 pounds (that's 81.5 kilos), and smoked a pack of cigarettes a day. Simply running wasn't enough, and eventually fitness became a core aspect of my life. My history with weights started as vanity really focusing on my benchpress and curls, and eventually moved into functional movements, as I wanted to do more in the real world. In 2013, I was doing yoga, HIIT based workouts, running, and working on TRX bands multiple times a day. Eventually I got tired of workout alone and needed to find my community of fitness people, and that's when I joined Crossfit Sanitas in Boulder. The rest has been history as I've found my fellows who are as enthusiastic about fitness as I am.

Motivation & Passion

I enjoy helping people to achieve their goals and dreams. After teaching yoga, I was told my classes were often "too intense" for most traditional yogis. My style is high intensity, but safety third. I want to help people push the limits of their bodies to learn from the failures and celebrate the successes.

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