Zach Carlson

Zach Carlson

General Manager and Coach

Front Squat - 400

Back Squat - 450

Deadlift - 500

Bench - 350


CrossFit Level 1 and 2 Certifications

USA Weightlifting Level 1

CrossFit Programming Course

CrossFit Anatomy Course

CrossFit Spot the Flaw Course

CrossFit Scaling Course

About Coach

I am a proud Colorado native, living in the Denver metro area for most of my life - with the only time away from the area being the four years I spent in Boulder at the University of Colorado. Before coaching at LoDo I was a high school teacher and athletic director for 8 years, during which I taught history and oversaw the different sports and teams that competed for the school(s). I loved the relationships that I made with my peers and students, but could not shake my passion for athletics and coaching, both stemming from playing sports my whole life and starting coaching as early as high school. I played soccer, basketball, and football growing up, and have always been a gym rat. I always loved doing the work behind the scenes and using that preparation to excel on the field/court.

Turning Point

For a long time, I treated the gym as the ultimate routine filler. Each day had the same muscle group and/or body part that I would target. Each hour had the same timing and structure and movements. I saw my strength and abilities in powerlifting as something that I should hold on to and be proud of, but at a certain point, I knew I wasn't being pushed hard enough. I had gotten lazy and fell victim to being so comfortable in my current situation that I didn't know what a true challenge was anymore. That was when I made the switch to CrossFit and fell in love with the constant challenge and feeling of failure that accompanies growth. Every day is different and though I still have my gym routine, I never know what my workout is going to be - or how I will adjust to meet the challenge it gives

Motivation & Passion

My motivation as a coach is to push athletes and give them opportunities to grow and pursue their goals. Through this consistent pushing and challenge, I hope to learn about them as people and as athletes so I can learn their stories and what motivates them. When an athlete comes into our gym, I hope to help give them the tools to deal with the constant change and varying factors that CrossFit forces athletes to deal with. This is the toughest thing about our sport, but also the most brilliant and beautiful as well

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