Sarka Dillingerova


Snatch: 170lbs

Deadlift: 330lbs

7:30 2000m row

Competed in Wodapalooza

Heart of America and other Crossfit competitions.


Crossfit Level 2 Trainer

About Coach

I love pushing my body and mind in new ways. From picking up and moving across continents and countries, from living on the side of a mountain and in the big cities, from the early mornings and long days of training for competition, my thought process is to always grow. I’ve learned to appreciate the joys of proper movement and the importance of being comfortable in my own body. I love to translate my training in the gym into preparation for whatever may happen in life. Whether you want to gain strength, lose weight, look different, get fitter, train for performance, or prepare for your other favorite activities. I will work relentlessly alongside you to provide effective training while helping you incorporate the best practices for your life.

Turning Point

I have had many turning points in my life but the one which influenced my relationship to my body, health, and strength the most was slow and took time. It took realizing I don't feel good in the clothes I'm wearing, I know I can be better than I am and I want to live on my terms. It took small changes - every day - consistently - until it became a lifestyle.

Motivation & Passion

I love seeing people get what they want in life, that feeling of success, accomplishment, and purpose. I immensely enjoy being part of that process.

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