Johnny Varner

Johnny Varner


Fran: 2:53 

Crossfit Total: 1,090# (Back Squat: 405# Deadlift:485# Strict Press: 200#) Bench: 315# 

Oly Lifts:

Clean and Jerk: 305#

Snatch: 225#

Competition Runs: 5K Run: 19:47 up to a

50 Mile Run: 10 hours 18 min.


 BA Franklin College ’14‍


Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist (NSCA)

currently working on my Master’s Business Administration at CU Denver

About Coach

I am originally from Frankfort, IN (we’re the Frankfort Hotdogs… yup, its true). I am also one of 6 brothers in my family, so there was a lot of testosterone growing up in my household to say the least. I recently moved to Denver in June of 2021 for graduate school. My hobbies besides working out are reading (if you see me at the gym, send a book recommendation my way), learning to ski, and doing as many outdoor activities as I can possibly manage.

Turning Point

I was a high school and collegiate athlete who loved to workout. I started routinely doing Crossfit after I graduated from Franklin College in 2014. The Crossfit community is what kept me doing Crossfit as I have met many great people over the last seven years in the sport.

Motivation & Passion

My motivation for fitness is simply to test my body and mind every day. If you do a hard workout in the gym or run a 50K, then it makes many other adversities in life a heck of a lot easier to manage. I also enjoy helping others reach their fitness goals whether that be recreational, specialized, or tactical athletes.

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