Alex Wingert

Alex Wingert


I absolutely love Olympic lifting, and spend the most time working on my lifts. But, being inverted and handstand walking is probably my favorite thing to do.


Crossfit Level 1 Certification,

D1 College Athlete, & Masters in Engineering

About Coach

As a small child, I competed in Gymnastics, but the competitive side of me chose Tennis. I competed and was top 20 girls in So. Cal under 18. I played D1 Tennis in college and absolutely loved it, I thrived in a team setting. I think that really helped me be a better Crossfit coach.

Turning Point

During my college tennis career, I tore part of the muscles around my knee and stopped playing sports altogether. I let the fear of getting hurt again affect my life. After college, I had gained weight, was unhappy, and had moved to a new city. A colleague of mine had said, listen - you were a college athlete you should try Crossfit. I ended up loving it, I loved being pushed to new limits and seeing what my body could do. So truly, Crossfit saved part of me. I got in better shape, I met amazing friends, and I myself was happier. After moving to Denver about 8 years ago, I found CFLD and couldn't be happier.

Motivation & Passion

My initial reasons behind becoming a coach are simple, I wanted to better myself. I wanted to dedicate the time to learn more about the sport I loved. And now, having coached for some time - the best part of the job is seeing athletes succeed. There is truly nothing better than watching athlete's "firsts" - those are what push me to be a better coach.

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